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Homeowner Grabs Second Gun After First Gun Jams, Holds Intruder at Gunpoint (Florida)


ST. PETERSBERG, FLORIDA - A Florida man was lucky to have a backup firearm available after his first gun jammed while shooting at an intruder.

Joseph Cihak was robber just last week, so when he woke at 4:30a.m yesterday morning to go to the restroom he brought his firearm with him. While he was up he hear movement from inside his apartment.

As Joseph entered his living room he encountered 25-year-old Bryan Remley rifling through his belongings. When Remley saw Joseph he charged straight at him. 

Joseph fired two shots before his gun jammed. Both shots missed Remley so Joseph retreated to grab a second gun while his wife, now awake from the gunshots, called 911.

Armed with his backup gun, Joseph encountered Remley lying on the kitchen floor and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police found a knife on Remley, who has been charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation, and an outstanding warrant from Seminole County from petit theft.