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Naked Intruder Fights Homeowner, Killed by 12 Gauge Blast to the Chest (Michigan)

GREENVILLE, MICHIGAN - A drunken night on the town led to the death of a 28-year-old naked man.

According to,

“I think that he tried to get into my back door. I heard the door and then I locked the door and then he took off,” a neighbor said.

An Aug. 27, 2014 mug shot of John Russell from the Clinton County Jail for a misdemeanor marijuana bust.                                        Mug shot of John Russell

The neighbor didn’t want to reveal her identity, but said she believes 28-year-old John Russell of Gowen tried to get into her home before he ended up on her neighbor’s couch.

Police later found his clothes in her garage under some leaves. Another neighbor called police around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning after they saw a nude man in the neighborhood.

Police said shortly after that, Russell made his way into a house in the 100 block of S Barry Street through an open sliding door in the back of the house.
The homeowner found Russell sleeping on his couch, then grabbed a gun and asked Russell to leave.

Russell was immediately belligerent and aggressive, ultimately grabbing the barrel of the shotgun. That's when the owner fired a single blast into his chest, mortally wounding him.

Friends say John Russell had hit the town with a group of 5 friends including Nick Ormsbe. As the friends drank at Amber Waves American Pub, it was clear Russell was pushing his limits. According to Ormsbe,

They were asked quite a few times to stop serving him, but they kept serving him because he was paying money

When asked, the bartender said she did recall being asked not to serve Russell any more but said she did not see him again that night.So what did Ormsbe and the group of friends do with Russel, who by this time was stumbling and unable to talk? They told him to walk home. 

Russell got home, tore the house up, and then left again. 

Still, Ormsbe doesn't understand how things got to the point they did,

"I don’t know what happened in there and the only people that do are John and the homeowner. But to me, a drunk guy passed out on your couch naked is not a threat to your life. Why you didn’t call the cops before you got a gun is beyond me"

Sounds to me like ending your night partying to walk your friend home could have avoided a horrible situation for everyone. Don't blame the homeowner for arming himself when a naked drunk was inside his home.