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Armed at Kroger, Concealed Carrier Defends Against Armed Attacker (Indiana)

While Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action run their gun shaming campaign against Kroger grocery stores, here's the story they won't tell you.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - An armed robber was shot and killed when his would be victim drew his semi-automatic handgun and a gunfight erupted just outside of Kroger.

It was just after 6:20 a.m. when police at the West Headquarters Building of the Indianapolis Police Department heard several strings of gunfire from outside the building while doing roll call. The officers ran across the street to the Kroger parking lot to find one man dead, another man with his hands up, and a vehicle pockmarked with gunshots.

There were more than a dozen shots fired in what police are calling a robbery that went bad. As the robber tried to force the driver from his vehicle to rob him, the driver drew a concealed firearm and engaged.

In the hail of gunfire, the truck, which the driver didn't put into park, continued to roll forward until slowly crashing into the front window of the Kroger.

I checked the Moms Demand Action page and, shockingly, there's no mention of this attack. I can't imagine why.

Save your gun shaming, Shannon. Rational people understand that guns save lives.