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Youth Football Coaches Wife Opens Fire When Parents Attack Over Playing Time

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS - Apparently, coaching youth sports in the Midwest is as dangerous as Alaskan King Crab fishing these day.

Monday night, a youth football coach was confronted by a parent upset about his son's playing time. Within moments, the coach was surrounded by six men getting increasingly aggressive about a pre-teen's playing time. Then the six men attacked - one attacker armed with brass knuckles and another saying he was going to pistol whip the coach. 

Thankfully, the coaches wife was armed. She drew her handgun from her purse and fired a warning shot, ordering the men to stop. The men paused just long enough for the husband to run to his car and grab another gun.

While his wife called 911, the husband dealt with the six men still threatening him despite being held at gunpoint. The men fled as police approached the field.

This isn't the first time we've had shots fired on a youth sports field this week. Over the weekend, a youth soccer coach was forced to dive for cover with his team after shots were fired at a Ferguson, Missouri game.