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Billionaire Supports Gun Control for you, Wants Tank For Himself

Microsoft Founder, Seahawks owner, and billionaire Paul Allen has been a vocal proponent of gun control... while building up an arsenal of heavy armor for himself.

According to the San Fancisco Gate, Allen's recent purchase of a German Panzer IV tank has run into some legal issues,

A Soviet SCUD surface-to-surface missile was a no-problem purchase for him at $349,000. A rusty and inoperable Cold War-era M55 self-propelled Howitzer was a comparable bargain at $45,000.

But when it came to an authentic Panzer IV, a World War II-era German tank, Allen, an avid collector of historical military planes and other equipment, has had to go to court in Redwood City, even after paying $2.5 million for it.

One of Allen's companies, Vulcan Warbirds, filed suit Wednesday in San Mateo County Superior Court alleging breach of contract and other violations after it paid $2.5 million for the rare tank in July and the owner subsequently refused to turn it over.

Allen recently donated over $500,000 to support gun control measures in Washington state. The hypocrisy is appalling, but the brilliant Alan Gottlieb nailed it when he said via a Citizens Committe on the right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) press release,

“While Paul Allen is eager to get his hands on a genuine weapon of war,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “he is all-too-willing to support a measure that throws obstacles in the way of law-abiding citizens who may just want to borrow or buy a firearm from a friend or in-law. How silly is that?”

“This is simply incredible,” Gottlieb said. “This elitist Seattle billionaire thinks it is just fine to make it more inconvenient for average citizens to buy, sell or loan a rifle, shotgun or handgun, but he wants to buy a German tank with a 75mm cannon! We looked through I-594, which Allen supports, and discovered why he’s probably hot to purchase that Panzer. I-594 has a tank-sized loophole.

“Tanks appear to be exempt under the gun control measure because they’re not specifically mentioned anywhere in those 18 pages,” he explained. “So, Allen wouldn’t have to go through a background check. But who needs a tank to go duck hunting?

“Evidently,” Gottlieb concluded, “the difference between billionaires and the rest of us is the size of the guns they want to own.”

About the Author:
Lil Red Danger is a firearms enthusiast, firearms instructor, and spokeswoman for the firearms industry.

Raised in an anti-gun household, she first fired a gun 3 years ago and it was love at first shot.

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