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Man Shot, Killed Robbing Medical Marijuana Dealer (Arizona)

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - A man was shot and killed trying to impersonate Omar from The Wire by robbing a medical marijuana seller. 

On Thursday (September 11th), the suspect responded to a Craigslist list ad for legal medical marijuana and arranged to meet at a public park near downtown Phoenix. According to KPHO Phoenix,

The suspect walked up to the 54-year-old seller, who was in the back seat of a vehicle, about 9:45 p.m., Crump said.

But when the seller asked to see the suspect's medical marijuana card, the suspect pulled a handgun and tried to rob the victim.

Crump said the suspect's attention was diverted and the victim also pulled a handgun and shot the suspect several times.

The suspect returned fire and struck the victim's vehicle at least once, but did not hit the seller, Crump said.

The suspect was transported to a hospital and died from his wounds.

No charges will be filed against the medical marijuana dealer.