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New York Cop Gets Drunk, Shows Off Gun, Shoots Two People [VIDEO]

At least it's not the NYPD this time. 49-year-old Victor Zambrano, a New York State Police narcotics officer, was arrested Friday night after he shot two people, while he was drunk, in the middle of Manhattan

According to New York Magazine,

Zambrano's relationship with his victims — a 32-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man — isn't clear. Police told NBC New York that he "apparently did not know the couple," but the New YorkDaily News describes them as Zambrano's "pals" and "drinking buddies." It seems entirely possible that they met while they were drinking somewhere around Amsterdam Avenue and 82nd Street.

According to the Daily News, the trouble started when the woman asked to hold Zambrano's gun. He gave it to her, but "quickly demanded it back." An argument ensued, and Zambrano "fired a round." One of the bullets ricocheted off the ground and struck the woman's calf, while her boyfriend was hit in the ankle.

As people just trying to enjoy the start of the weekend ducked for cover, the man began chasing Zambrano, who turned to shoot at him again. It seems that he misfired, causing "a live round to fall to the ground," theDaily News reports. "[The shooter] was fucked up," said a witness.

Plainclothes NYPD officers responded to the scene but the drunken Zambrano refused to give up his weapon. After a tense standoff, one officer was able to knock the gun from Zambrano's hand and wrestle him to the ground.

Zambrano was taken into custody on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, and assault.

The victims were treated and released after being transported to Bellvue hospital by ambulance.