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BEAST MODE: Man Escapes Barrage of Gunfire, Grabs Shotgun, Kills Gunman (Pennsylvania)

SWATARA TOWNSHIP - Police say a man enraged over his estranged wife's new romance showed up armed and looking for a fight. 

60-year-old Todd Eugene Taylor arrived at his estranged wife's home armed with a shotgun and two handguns and began yelling for her new boyfriend, Lawrence Gaul, to come outside and face him.

Then the boyfriend didn't come out, Taylor began firing the shotgun through the door repeatedly. According to,

“Taylor’s estranged wife and her boyfriend attempted to shelter in an upstairs bathroom but Taylor continued firing at that bathroom door wounding the boyfriend,” said Chief Jason Umberger with Swatara Township Police.

The woman’s nephew, Craig M. Everette II and his girlfriend were also inside the home. According to witnesses, Taylor went back out to the front porch to reload his shotgun and returned inside the home where he continued to fire. But police say it was quick thinking on the nephew’s part that ended up saving his aunt’s life.

“Mr. Everette initially had fled the home through the rear of the house with his girlfriend when the shooting began but then after hearing cries for help from his aunt returned into the front of the residence armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and confronted Taylor in the upstairs hallway,” said Chief Umberger.

Everette shot Taylor twice, one of those bullets hit his chest, eventually killing him. He then took Taylor’s shotgun and ran to a neighbor’s house across the street and waited for police. Officials wouldn’t comment on whether all the guns used were obtained legally but say they are investigating. This is the first deadly shooting in Swatara Township this year.

If gun grabbers had their way, Everette would still be fumbling with the combination to the gun safe and then the combination to the ammo safe as his aunt and her boyfriend were murdered.

Instead, Everette's selfless actions saved two lives and stopped a deranged man. There are the moments that make heroes.