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EPIC RANT: Medical Examiner on How to Deal With Criminals - 'Shoot the Idiots and Call the Coroner'

Winston County Coroner Scott Gregory says he wasn't trying to drum up business for his office with a Facebook post Saturday, but he's fed up with a rash of burglaries around Louisville. He himself opened fire on a criminal just this week according to the post.

Gregory believes people should know how to protect themselves and their family and should not hesitate to put a criminal down if the need arises. In the post he makes some suggestions such as:

  • "To stop these idiots from robbing us blind, we need to buy a good handgun and get the proper training on how to use it!"

  • "I remind you that the State of MS have laws that protect us as citizens if deadly force is used to protect you or your family or property from 'the stupid bad guys' "

  • "I say shoot the idiots and call the Coroner! I'm not encouraging anyone to go on a killing spree but if you come to my kingdom and try to commit any unlawful act, I can assure you that your health insurance better be active or you better have a great burial policy."

Not the typical response from law enforcement or government officials but certainly a good way to let criminals know how those investigations are going to go.