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Father Shoots Man Inside Daughters Bedroom (Pennsylvania)

PHILADELPHIA - An intruder was shot and killed after a father saw the man inside his 20-year-old daughter's room.

The father told police he heard a noise and went to investigate just before 11:30 Monday night. As he walked by his daughter's room he saw the man standing next to her bed.

Already armed, the father held the man at gunpoint and ordered him to the ground. According to,

The father said he told that man to stay down as he called 911, and when the 32-year-old man moved, he shot him, police said.

Officers responded to the apartment on the 2700 block of Axe Factory Road. The shooting victim was taken to Aria Health's Torresdale hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:45 a.m.

The daughter told police the man in her room was her boyfriend, officials said. It wasn't immediately known whether the father knew the man or believed he was an intruder, and investigators are continuing to sort out what happened.

There is no word on whether any charges will be filed.

How would you handle finding a stranger in your child's room?