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60-Year-Old Fights Back, Opens Fire on Armed Street Robber (Ohio)


CINCINNATI - An armed street robber was shot after picking the wrong victim Tuesday night.

The robber chose a 60-year-old man as his easy target but that plan quickly fell apart. The would be victim seemingly complied, handing over his wallet to the robber.

Once the robber's hands were occupied, the 60-year-old drew his concealed handgun and demanded the robber put his weapon down. The tables turned, the robber hesitated a little too long and the concealed carrier opened fire sending the suspect fleeing

Police are unsure if the suspect was wounded and are on the lookout for him.

As for this video... I don't know what this firearms instructor is talking about but "lawful duty to retreat" has died out as a legal doctrine in almost every state. Perhaps he needs a refresher on the law before instructing people on the law in the worst possible moments of their lives.