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WHY I'M ARMED - Man Killed for Playstation 4 by 16-Year-Old Girl with Infant Nearby

This series, Why I'm Armed, is unlike our typical defensive gun use stories. Here we look at the situations where being armed could have made a difference.

Craigslist has become a known hotspot for robbery activity with gun sales and electronics being involved in the highest percentage of armed Craigslist robberies. This story out of Atlanta happened on September 12th.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

Daniel John Zeitz, 28, of Roswell, had listed a PS4 gaming system for sale on Craigslist, and about 9:30 p.m., went to the parking lot of an apartment on Treelodge Parkway to meet a potential buyer, Momon said.

There, he met 20-year-old Nathaniel Vivian and a 16-year-old girl, whose name has not been released.

Momon said the pair tried to rob Zeitz of the PS4, and Vivian, who was in the driver’s seat of a car, struggled with Zeitz, who was standing outside the car, for the gaming system.

During the struggle, the girl fired a shot from a .25 caliber handgun, and the bullet passed through Vivian’s hand and struck Zeitz in the side of his chest, killing him.

A well-known gamer known as "Phobos", Zeitz's friends have started a GoFundMe page and a video about his murder has started going viral.

We've covered numerous Craigslist robberies stopped by concealed carriers so this story in particular as a good reminder of... Why I'm Armed.