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CHAMBER CHECK: Craigslist Criminals Try Stealing AR-15, End Up Looking Down Owner's Barrel

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA - A trio of idiots tried to rob a man selling a rifle on Craigslist. One problem, they never checked to see if the weapon was loaded. 

The trio of Edvis Miquem Galloway, 24, Savon Khalif Hardaway, 18, and Kalmeaice Kawanna Williams, 38 arranged to meet a man selling his AR-15 style rifle on Craigslist. As the owner gave the AR to the would-be robbers, one of the men turned the gun around and took aim at the owner. 

The owner quickly drew his handgun and told the man to drop the gun because the it wasn't loaded.

He then ordered the trio to the ground and fled the scene while calling 911. 

According to,

Galloway, Hardaway and Williams with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy robbery with a dangerous weapon. They were placed in the New Hanover County Jail under a $500,000 secured bond.

Galloway and Hardaway were among several suspects arrested in August on multiple drug and gun charges after police pulled their vehicle over for not having a tag or working brake lights.

Police searched the car and found a 357 revolver, 25 bags of marijuana each weighing 134 grams, and 2 red bandanas.

Galloway was also involved in a stabbing incident in April of this year. According to eyewitnesses, Galloway was approached by several men and stabbed while walking to Freedom House Mini Market on Chestnut Street.

Sounds like the group of gang-bangers got what was coming to them. Just another reminder to keep your situational awareness maxed when dealing with Craigslist.