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Teenager Shoots Into Friends Home, Army Veteran Returns Fire (Nevada)

LAS VEGAS - A United States Army veteran who served in Afghanistan grabbed a gun to defend his family after a 15-year-old opened fire through the front door.

27-year-old Shaun Cooper was home with his parents and his 14-year-old brother when the family spotted a man wearing a leather jacket walking up the street. In Las Vegas. In the summer.

Moments later the family heard a loud bang at the door and then the gunshots started. The 15-year-old, a former friend of Shaun's younger brother, "was trying to breach the door" and shooting into the lock and handle. Shaun told reporters,

My dad was actually standing in the kitchen. He was firing through the door through the kitchen and completely missed him. Bullets went all around, except for him. Got lucky.

Hearing those shots, Shaun reacted,

“I took off, grabbed my gun and got back, and he saw me thorugh the window. Shot one more time, and that’s when I shot through the window, and he dropped.”