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THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS MAN: Pastor sets trap, holds burglar at gunpoint (Texas)

BAYTOWN - Fed up with having packages stolen from his house and the homes of his neighbors, a pastor armed himself and set a trap.

Benny Homes, a pastor of The Church of New Beginnings, had twice seen a woman steal packages from his porch through his home security system. One time she had children in her car with her.

As reports of similar thefts came from neighbors, Benny decided to set a trap. Setting two empty boxes with shipping labels on his porch, Benny told his wife,

"I'm going to sit here and I'm going to pull guard duty. I'm going to be a watchman on the wall" 

Benny waited for hours but, sure enough, the thief struck. As the woman approached the packages, Benny met her with his handgun drawn and ordered her to lie on the ground.

The woman originally told him she was "looking for her dog" and Benny replied,

You found him, bow wow.

Her story about the dog jogged Benny's memory and reminded him that this same woman, identified by police as Laurie Ferguson, had said the same thing to him 2 years earlier when caught near the same door.

Police went to the woman's house and found more than 30 items reported stolen from nearby houses expecting packages.

No charges will be filed against Benny.