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Disabled Man Shot After Breaking Into Home, Beating Dog with a Cane (South Carolina)

SUMMERVILLE - 36-year-old Hercules Champaign III was known to walk around this quiet subdivision with braces on his legs and a cane. 

On Sunday, Champaign quietly walked across the street, entered a neighbors home and began using his cane to beat the family dog.

The homeowner, alone with his 10-year-old daughter, confronted Champaign. When he refused to leave and continued striking the dog the homeowner grabbed his gun and fired twice, both rounds striking Champaign.

The homeowner is protected under the South Carolina Protection of Persons and Property Act - the law that grants castle doctrine inside the state. Champaign's wounds were serious but not life threatening.

There is no history of conflict between the men or of calls to either man's home for violence. According to the Post and Courier,

Investigators have not revealed exactly what might have led to the confrontation in which Champaign was shot Sunday afternoon. Earlier, Champaign had been "bothering other neighbors in the area," Phinney said.


One resident, who later called 911, told detectives what he saw just before the shooting. He provided only his first name, Terry.

"I saw (Champaign) walking up the street with what looked like sticks in his hands," he said. "Then I heard two gunshots, and (the homeowner) yelling, 'Oh my God.'"

Champaign had walked into the home without permission and used a curved cane to hit a dog inside, Phinney said.

The resident told Champaign "numerous times" to get out, and when the intruder stayed, the homeowner got a handgun and shot him twice, according to an incident report.

Deputies later found Champaign lying face up near the doorway. He was bleeding from his face and his right side as neighbors came to his aid.

With a 10-year-old at home and his dog being beaten, it sounds like this homeowner did what he had to - even though he knew the attacker.