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Son Hears Mother Say 'Please don't hurt the girls', Grabs Gun, Shoots Intruder (Texas)

HOCKLEY - A woman's adult son killed one intruder and sent two others fleeing in an early morning gunfight to save his family.

Just after 4:30 in the morning a woman was cooking breakfast for her three young granddaughters when three armed men forced their way into the home and held the woman and children at gunpoint.

The woman's adult son heard the commotion from his bedroom and then heard his mother say,

"Please don't hurt the girls"

That was all he needed to know what was going on and that he had to act. The man armed himself and confronted the intruders, firing first. According to Sgt. Felipe Rivera with the Harris County Sheriff's Office,

"They were basically at a standoff, and he discharged first. One of the suspects did fire inside the residence."

There were 8 family members home at the time and police are crediting the man's quick action for saving multiple lives.

No description of the escaped suspects is available, only that they were heard speaking Spanish as they entered the home.