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Homeowner Gets Tied Up, Choked Before Grabbing Handgun & Shooting Attackers (Texas)

KATY - After being tied up with duct taped and threatened with death, a homeowner managed to shoot two of three intruders.

It was a quiet afternoon when three armed men forced their way into a Texas home while the homeowner worked on his computer. The intruders jumped on the homeowner and used duct tape to secure his ankles and his wrists before trying to choke him,
"They flipped me on my stomach and put me in a head lock, tried to choke me out. I faked fainting and played dead"

Also tied up was his roommate's 15-year-old son.

The intruders tried to access the man's gun safe and were unsuccessful. At one point in the robbery, the homeowner started to lift his head and the intruders said "if you look up again, we'll kill you".

When the criminals went into another room, the homeowner was able to roll his chair over to the gun safe and access one of his handguns. He then waiting for the criminals to return, with the gun pointed at the door. As he puts it,

"The door opened, and I unloaded on them"

After dumping his magazine into the intruders, two were wounded multiple times and the third fled the scene. Police believe the attack was random. As for the homeowner, he told reporters,
"A part of me wishes I killed them and a part of me wishes I could forgive them and they turn their lives around"