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NEXT GUN REGISTRY?: Police Get Device to Identify Firearms by their Firing Pin

While everyone was up in arms about microstamping, a new company has reportedly come along with a way to identify firearms based on the unique strikes each gun makes on a primer. 

According to KSTP Minneapolis,

Minnesota Public Radio News reports the IBS machine creates high-definition images of specific markings left on shell casings by a gun's firing pins. The department's firearms technician says the unique marks won't be worn down over time due to continual use because they're like fingerprints.    

Officers will be able to compare the images to casings collected throughout the state and country via the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.    

Police officials say the device cost $300,000 and was paid for by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They ultimately hope the IBS machine will help them catch more people who use guns to commit crimes.     

I have to question the accuracy of this machine because we've all seen guns make slightly different primer strikes on different types of ammunition, even different lots of the same ammunition. Sounds like a lot of money spent for a technology that's unlikely to work.

Add to that the same problems with microstamping (criminals can pick up the casings, change the firing pin, etc, etc) and you have spent $300,000 for something that will be immediately challenged in court and likely proven inconclusive. 

Just another example of the BATFE putting your dollars to work. And how long do you think before BATFE tries to require firing pin strikes be submitted by manufacturers?