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Trespasser Throws Dagger, Homeowner Fires Shotgun (Florida)


Florida always gives good DGU... maybe the best. 

Paul and Lisa Ring were at there Polk County, Florida home when they heard noises outside. As Lisa walked outside to see what was going on she encountered 32-year-old Michael White. 

White told Lisa that he "belonged" on their property. To substantiate this claim, he reminded them that his sister was "the lord of the estate." Not remembering a lord of the estate, Lisa asked White to leave.

Rather than leave, White exposed a large knife in his waistband. Lisa told Paul to grab his gun. 

Despite repeated demands for him to leave at gunpoint, White refused to comply. Instead, he told told the couple that his sister was a witch who had been burned at the stake on the property. And then he threw the 12.5 inch double-bladed dagger through the screen door at the couple.

You can only tolerate so much crazy so Paul fired once, wounding White in the arm. 

Following a brief chase, White was taken into custody by police.