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Bank Robber Shot & Killed by Concealed Carrier (Arizona)

PHOENIX, AZ - A bank robbery was foiled when two ordinary citizens got involved.

It all started when two masked men entered a Desert Schools Federal Credit Union armed with handguns. 

A woman who saw the two men enter the bank went into the jewelry store next store to call police... and then she took the keys out of the car the men had driven to the robbery.

Another witness, a concealed carrier, drew his handgun and confronted the two armed robbers as they exited the bank carrying a trash can full of cash. That's when witnesses say they heard between 5 and 8 shots as the the robbers and the concealed carrier exchanged gunfire

It was just kind of like, oh my gosh, because I just had an employee literally walk in the building no more than five minutes ago," said Erica Craytor, who works in the area. "So I'm just thankful that they're all OK."

The exchange left one robber mortally wounded while the other ran away. The fleeing robber carjacked a person in the parking lot and stole a truck. He struck several cars in the parking lot and was taking into custody after crashing into a house several blocks away.

Police say the concealed carrier was within his rights to confront and shoot the bank robbers as they were armed and threatening. They also urged caution for other armed citizens doing the same.

"In this case, I think he's just as fortunate as all of the bystanders that he wasn't seriously injured," said Phoenix Police Sgt. Jon Howard.

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