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Shotgun wielding robber shot by 71-year-old homeowner (Oklahoma)

You can still see the footprint on the door from where the intruder kicked it in.

Around 2:30 in the morning, a man identified by police as 26-year-old Justin Ray Harjo targeted the home of an elderly couple for a robbery. Harjo, a career criminal with multiple convictions, kicked in the door and stormed into the home.

Cardell Banks, the 71-year-old homeowner, heard the door getting kicked in. Cardell quickly grabbed his gun and woke his wife, Francis and told her to stay back. 

Cardell peeked out of his bedroom door and found himself looking down the barrel of Harjo's 12-guage shotgun. Harjo ordered Cardell to the ground but the senior citizen just told him to "get out of here" and fired a shot before retreating into the bedroom with Francis.

Grabbing the phone, Cardell called 911 and said, "I shot at him. I don't know if I hit him, but I shot at him" before handing the phone to Francis.

Neighbors told police they saw Harjo and another man flee the house through the backyard and jump the fence. 

"If someone enters your home without your permission and is a threat to you, you have the right to shoot them," said a police spokesperson.