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HYPOCRISY: Anti-Gun Senator Arrested... Carrying a 9mm Glock & Smelling of Alcohol

Anti-gun Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested in Ferguson, Missouri Monday night and was found in possession of a 9mm handgun and additional mags. 

Police asked the State Senator to submit to a breathalyzer test after officers smelt alcohol on her breath.

Nasheed refused to answer questions about the handgun other than to say she has a concealed carry license and "always carries" her gun.

The Senator told reporters her protest was to show people that it's "It's not OK to protest violently in the name of Michael Brown. We all want justice, but we don't want violent protests.”

Protesters on the ground, however, say the arrest was just a publicity stunt for the publicity obsessed politician. According to Tony Rice,

"She was the only one marching by herself and some dude she marched with. All of us protesting have been here all day. Then she shows up maybe 15 minutes ago, starting this crap. She was not over here protesting with us at all."

The Senator was also moved to the St. Ann jail at her request because the Ferguson jail is being remodeled.

Gun grabber hypocrisy knows no limits. Guns are bad for the average citizen but okay for the elites.