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Man Shoots 3 Home Invaders Trying to Rape his Granddaughter (North Carolina)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I just wanted to write a quick thank you to everyone from Imgur coming over to see the story. Here's a kitten picture for you:


Like many home invasions, this one started with a knock on the door.

Kenneth Byrd, 67, was enjoying a quiet night at home with his wife Judy and his 19-year-old granddaughter when the knock came. It was a man claiming to have car problems and asking for assistance.

That's when two other men wearing black clothing, ski masks and gloves forced their way into the home and demanded money. All three of the invaders was armed.

At gunpoint, the Byrds were forced into the back of their own home and ordered to open the family safe. As Kenneth was opening the safe, the intruders became more aggressive with the 19-year-old granddaughter, ultimately trying to rape her. 

Kenneth had enough, he pulled a gun for the safe and opened fire, exchanging numerous gunshots with the intruders - and striking all three of them.

The three intruders fled the scene in Kenneth's Cadillac after stealing the keys.

Brandon Carver Stephens, 28, and Jamar Hawkins, 17, were taken into custody after going to a hospital in South Carolina to treat their gunshot wounds. Both criminals had to be airlifted to nearby trauma centers for emergency surgery.

20-year-old Jamie Faison was found dead inside the Cadillac, parked in front of his home, from multiple gunshot wounds.

Kenneth was struck multiple times while defending his famliy and was transported by helicopter to a local hospital. He is expected to make a complete recovery.