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Marine, Air National Guard Lieutenant Uses Concealed Handgun to Defend Woman (Texas)

A trip to Wal-Mart for fish hooks turned into much more for a United States Marine now serving as a Lieutenant in the West Virginia Air National Guard.

According to a Laughlin Air Force Base press release,
The West Virginia Air National Guardsman was walking to the Hunting and Fishing section when he heard a woman say, "Stop, put it down!"
"I could tell she was stressed and she sounded frightened," said Nelson. "I looked into the aisle, and this young man had a knife to a woman's stomach."

According to police reports, the young man was mad at his mother, who he had a knife to, because she wouldn't buy him a gun.  Nelson told his wife Brittany to go alert the store manager and call the police.

Nelson, who has a concealed weapons permit stepped up beside the woman.

"I put my hand on my pistol where he'd notice, and then I stepped in between them," said Nelson. "I kept demanding he hand me the knife. I wanted him to see only one option. As I was standing beside that lady, I felt like I was responsible for her life. I was going to do whatever I had to do to protect her."

Then, according to the police report, Nelson went from trying to stop a murder to trying to stop a suicide when the assailant turned the knife on himself.

Nelson pointed to his training and the Air National Guard and previously in the Marine Corps as helping him talk the young man down.

By this time, several Wal-Mart employees had joined Nelson's effort. "When he handed me the knife, he turned like he was going to just leave," said Nelson. "We told him he needed to have a seat and wait for the police to arrive."

"It was the most surreal five minutes of my life while waiting for the police," said Nelson. He added that throughout the entire event, he was never scared.

A woman is saved from being held at gunpoint and her attacker is talked down from harming himself... and it's still not newsworthy in the mainstream media.

That Lt. Nelson didn't have to draw his weapon is a compliment to the ability of an armed third party to de-escalate a violent situation without it turning into the mythical mass shootout that gun control groups seem convinced happen every day.

Thank you Lt. Nelson for both your service and your actions that day.