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Warrantless Home Searches For UK Gun Owners Should Be A Warning To All Americans


Editors Note: Our friend Julie from Julie on Politics sent over an article worth a read for all gun owners. When anti-gunners tell you you're discussing a slippery slope argument... remind them that gun control has always gone down that slope.

The United Kingdom’s new gun law should be a warning to all Americans of what can happen when a government bent on confiscating guns gets out of control.  

The British Home Office is now permitting police to enter the homes of registered gun owners unannounced and without a warrant in order to inspect their firearms storage. There are now even fewer restrictions on the British government’s ability to confiscate firearms.

The law simply states that police can conduct unannounced searches based on a “particular threat” or “risk of harm”, although it doesn’t explain what that would be. A British police organization sent out letters encouraging people to call a “hotline” to report anything suspicious.

Barack Obama has said over and over that the UK’s gun laws should be an example for the US. When he exploited the 2013 shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, he proclaimed: “In the United Kingdom, in Australia, when just a single mass shooting occurred in those countries…They endured great heartbreak, but they also mobilized and they changed.”

Obama hasn’t said anything about the new UK gun control laws yet — but he also isn’t condemning them.

Americans must prevent this kind of policy from coming stateside. The Second and Fourth Amendments will become nothing more than words on a page if such appalling invasions of privacy are allowed.