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.45 BEATS 9mm: Crook has 9mm, Homeowner has .45 - Homeowner Wins (Tennessee)

A Nashville, Tennessee homeowner is thanking his .45 for saving his life.

The man told police he was watching television in his living room while his wife slept on the couch when a man wearind a bandana for a mask entered their house armed with a 9mm handgun demanding money and goods.

The homeowner originally complied with the demands but it wasn't enough for the thief.

As the thief was "dealing with the wife", the homeowner ran to another room and grabbed his .45.

Realizing the homeowner was now armed, the intruder raised his handgun and the two exchanged fire. Despite being struck several times in the arm and hip, the intruder fled the home - collapsing in the front yard.

He was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Police have not released the intruder's identity at this time, but say he is under indictment for burglary and theft charges in another case.