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Taurus Releases New Gun, Curved for your Pleasure

How many times have you heard someone say, "my Glock 42 is just too uncomfortable" or "my LCP prints too much"?

Never? Same here, but obviously Taurus thinks there's a market of people who think mouse guns are too bulky to carry. 

The much maligned Brazilian firearms company, has released their newest offering called "The Curve". The company claims the gun is:

The world's first and only curved firearm engineered to fit the unique contours of your body, Taurus Curve™ is one ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal defense handgun.

All the cool kids know sights are for suckers, right? So Taurus got rid of them as well. Instead, they are using a "bore-axis sighting system for instinctual shooting" which sounds an awful lot like "you better practice your point shooting" to me.

Upsides of the new gun? It weighs just over 10 ounces empty and comes with an integrated light and a frickin' laser integrated into the frame.

Is this a marketing gimmick or the result of long hours of R&D to optimize the curve of the frame for comfort and concealment? I'll get my hands on one and find out but my first impression is that it needs sights and, based on the crowd at the last gun show I was at, it's goign to take a lot more curve than this for some people.

Meaningful innovation in the firearms industry is a rarity so I applaud Taurus for thinking outside the box. The next year or two should be a boom time for firearms owners as companies try to separate themselves with new ideas.

Some of the ideas will be good, some will be stir-fried dog poop. Where do you think the Taurus Curve will fit in?