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From the Other Side of the Peanut Gallery

I don't even know how to respond except to say that you have to have gone to college to write something this stupid.

That's not fair, it's Adam's right to rattle on and on about how terrible gun owners are and completely dismiss the times that handguns are used to defend people homes or even other people.

This tragedy on the heels of the senior citizen taking down two armed robbers just the other day shows that law abiding citizens carrying weapons can make a difference.

I'll even say that while Mike says he's not sure his carry would have helped, the impact force of those rounds will put you down - even with body armor. Broken ribs and internal bleeding can stop you just as well.

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Posted By: Michael
07/20/12 01:44 PM

The most interesting thing about that article...while i was reading it, i was certain it was a woman...then I looked at the name on top and saw it was a guy. Anyways. I don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong about people who believe this perspective...i just think they have their premises mixed up. When are people going to realize that when someone like this wants to do something like this...its going to get done. You can't stop crazy from being crazy. You can't stop evil from being evil.

Even more I will say this...the author notes that these kinds of things happen more in america than anywhere else...has anyone stopped to wonder if the fact that we have legal guns isnt only part of the equation. maybe its something to do with america itself? just some food for thought.