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Five Black Friday Deals You Don't Want to Miss


There are almost too many Black Friday deals out there so let's narrow it down to the 5 absolute must see deals to jump on tomorrow. Suck it, hippies.

#1 Bud's Gun Shop

You're reading that right, Canik's CZ-75 based 9mm for $99 and a 12gauge shotgun for $49. If that's not enough for you, there's also running Bushmaster XM15 patrol rifles for $599.


#2 Wal Mart
As usual, WalMart keeps it simple. 20% off all firearms

That's another 20% off of what are already the lowest prices on the market.

#3 Primary Arms
$8.49 for Gen3 PMags.

Let me say that again, $8.49 for Gen 3 PMags.

There's a lot of other deals from Primary Arms but that headliner should be enough to get you over there. I've already ordered more than my fair share.

#4 Tombstone Tactical
With the much talked about H&K VP9 discounted more than 200 dollars, Tombstone is making a big push for your Black Friday business.

Other deals include a complete Delton AR-15 for $499, Colt LE6920's for just $850, and a Bushmaster .308 battle rifle for $975.

#5 Sportsman's Warehouse
The Jeff Cooper inspired Ruger Gunsite .308 for $694.

Bushmaster Carbon-15's for $499.

For you 1911 guys out there a monster sale,the Para 1911 Expert for just $299.

See what I mean... suck it hippes.