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Must Have Holiday Gifts for Gun Lovers

It's that time of year again and I thought I'd share my list of the top Christmas / Hannukah gifts for the gun lover in your life!

From body armor to fixed blade knives to the ubiquitous Sig Brace, these are some of the gifts I'm definitely hoping for this holiday season.

What did I miss and what else is on your list?

Sig Sauer SB-15 Stabilizing Brace & Century Arms SB-47 Stabilizing Brace

Designed for rifle-caliber pistols, the stabilizing braces allow for a more stable platform and, according to the BATFE, can be shoulder while firing.

That means your 11" AR or AK style pistol can be fitted with a brace and you now have a very compact platform - even shorter than bullpups. This (along with one of the new Armalite 6" pistols) is on the top of my list.  

Surefire X300 Ultra Weapon Mounted Flashlight & Surefire P3X Fury Handheld Flashlight

"Why do we use a 500 lumen light on our handgun? Because there isn't a 1,000 lumen light out yet"

Those are the words of legendary Navy SEAL and founder of Warfighter Academy Dave Maynard as we started the low-light force on force training for the night.

That eye opening experience made lights a must have and the X300 is the best balance of cost and quality on the market.  

The Gun Box RFID & Biometric Safe

This was my Christmas gift to myself. Now if only UPS would hurry up and get it here. As a mother of two young boys, the balance of safe firearm storage and quick access in an emergency is a priority.

The Gun Box is the answer.

You can use the code LILREDARMY to save 5% on your purchase.

Aimpoint Micro
 & Trijicon RMR

With the announcement of new models hitting the market, lightweight, low profile optics have seen a precipitous decline in price.

Going from an Aimpoint Comp M4 or any of the EoTech's to the Aimpoint Micro is a huge relief when you're really running behind the gun for a long class or training session.

Red dots on pistols are slowly becoming the next big thing and the Trijicon RMR is clearly the category leader in quality and durability.  

STA Training Group Knife by Medford Knife and Tool

Designed by the guys at STA Training Group and made by Medford Knife and Tool, this is one of the most versatile knives you can get.

US Palm Defender 
One of the coolest products I've had the chance to check out and there will be a quick video review coming up soon.

The Defender may be the perfect low cost home defense rig out there. Level IIIA soft armor with a holster and room for a flashlight and an extra mag? Starting at under $200? Yes, please!  

O.S.I.S. (Oh Shit!, I'm Shot) Trauma Kit
Far too many shooters have absolutely no medical supplies with them in case of accident or emergency situations.

The O.S.I.S. Trauma Kit, also known as the Scout Trauma Kit is a quality kit that takes your gear a notch up from the typical "blow out kit" that may leave you wanting more gear in an emergency.

Magpul Industries Cell Phone Case

Will a Magpul Cell Phone Case make your phone more tactical? No. But it might make it grow a beard and start flipping its sim card out like Chris Costa changing magazines. But considering this is an actual review from an anti-gun nutjob on the product, don't you feel like buying one just to piss them off?

I foolishly ordered this phone case before I realized that this is the company that made the 30-round magazine Adam Lanza used to slaughter 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook. They have fought gun reform tooth and nail, trying to militarize America's streets, and led the recall effort against Colorado senators who actually tried to do something after their fellow citizens were gunned down in a theater there. Some shoppers are happy to hand their money over to the death industry but I am not. Back it goes to Amazon. I won't feed this country's scourge.

About the Author:
Lil Red Danger is a firearms enthusiast, firearms instructor, and spokeswoman for the firearms industry.

Raised in an anti-gun household, she first fired a gun 3 years ago and it was love at first shot.

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