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You Don't Want to Miss the World's Worst Tactical Training Video [VIDEO]

[EDITOR'S UPDATE]: Premier Tactical has deleted the video from YouTube. Luckily, you can never remove things from the internet so we've reposted it for your enjoyment.

Worst. Tactical Training Video. Ever.

I had to do some research to make sure this wasn't a fake video because I actually thought it was someone trolling gun owners. It's not.

Note the trademark-pending "jump back in the car" technique, followed by the "I've seen enough movies to think this car door is cover" technique and topped off with the "dropping my gun on the ground so I can Hondo roll to the ground" technique.

"What the fuck did I just watch?," asked a former OGA operator. "This is just retarded. If I get out of a vehicle in a gunfight, why the hell would I want to jump back in to start shooting?"

Dallas Lloyd, the star of the video is a "lifetime martial artist and soldier", who doesn't seem to get the fundamentals of shooting in and around vehicles.

We've been at war for 13 years now and we've got vehicle drills down to a science. If you want quality instruction, find someone who actually knows what they are talking about or has taken extensive training from experts in the field.

Remember, the wrong instructor could get you killed.

About the Author:
Lil Red Danger is a firearms enthusiast, firearms instructor, and spokeswoman for the firearms industry.

Raised in an anti-gun household, she first fired a gun 3 years ago and it was love at first shot.

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