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Glock Announces G40 & Other New Models Ahead of SHOT Show

Have you been anxiously awaiting the long-rumored 9mm single-stack from Glock?

Well, you're going to have to keep waiting.

With SHOT Show just weeks around the corner, the Austrian gun maker has announced several new models - all almost the exact opposite of the mythical 9mm sub-compact people are waiting on.

The Glock 40 is actually a bigger 10mm. You know, for all the people who said the Glock 20 was just way too small. Yes, it's optics ready, but it seems like a solution without a problem to me.

Also announced were the G34 and G35 MOS models. No hints from Glock what MOS stands for, but it's basically a milled area ready for the red dot of your choice.

Yay... that's not exciting at all. 

If you're still holding your breath for the single-stack 9mm at SHOT this year, you'll likely pass out but you're free to keep trying.