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DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS: Company Wants People to Pretend to Carry a Gun


You know what's dumber than doing the Tactical Walrus Flop?

Pretending to carry a gun when in reality you're carrying a hunk of plastic designed to look like you're carrying.

But that's what a new company, Perceived Carry Decoys, wants you to do. Give criminals the look of being armed without actually being armed. 


According to Perceived Carry Decoys own website,

What are Perceived Carry Decoys? We're glad you asked! Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun. 

PCD understands that not everyone is comfortable with owning an actual firearm. But why should those feelings affect your personal safety?
Now they no longer have to. With the launch of Perceived Carry Decoys, you may now give off the appearance that you are toting serious heat, while in actuality you have nothing more than a one piece device attached to your hip that is as harmless as a cell phone. 

You no longer have to worry about young children finding a loaded weapon. This all-in-one piece construction does not come apart. At a fraction of the price of a real firearm, you too may enjoy the benefits of carrying a weapon, without having to shell out hundreds(sometimes $1000's) of dollars for something that statistics show probably will not and/or should not be used. 

A PCD device is meant to be a means of crime deterrent, rather than a means of self defense. After all, who's going to run up on a person with a gun?

While these are not actual firearms, their extreme resemblance to real guns tucked neatly in a holster may be enough to give you the jump on anyone who may wish to do you or your family harm. 

The whole purpose of open carry is to give off the "don't mess with me" persona. The whole purpose of Perceived Carry Decoys is to give off the appearance that you too are ready for anyone, anywhere.

No waiting for background checks, no fees for classes, permits, or ammunition, protect yours today!

Disclaimer: Perceived Carry Devices are not intended to be used in emergencies. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation, first seek safety, then dial 911 as you should when carrying a real firearm. 


I hate to tell it to the guys at PCD, but when perception is not reality. Reality is reality.

However, congratulations on creating the dumbest idea in the gun world this year. Yes, it's early, but I'm confident they will win.