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'Gun Rights' Facebook Page Goes Full Retard, Calls Chris Kyle a Terrorist

Do you support gun rights? Have you shown your support by liking the "Gun Rights" Facebook page that has accumulated more than 200,000 fans?

You might want to check back over there and see if they still represent your beliefs.

It seems a new group of admins has taken over the page, led by Open Carry Tarrant County nutjob Kory Watkins and they have a rather "different" set of values.

The page is now vehemently pro-"Cop Block", even promoting the weekly Cop Block podcast. For those unfamiliar, Cop Block is the page notorious for cheering when two New York police officers were ambushed and murdered in cold blood.

But wait, there's more! 

The Gun Rights page is openly advocating for Antonio Buehler, calling him a member of "the Army Rangers- the elitist group in the entire military". Beyond the fact that Rangers are neither elitist or the most elite fighting force in the military, who is Antonio Buehler?

Just another Cop Block cheerleader who promotes "watching" police while open carrying a rifle. Because that doesn't increase the risks to officer safety at all, right?

Long story short, if you supported the "Gun Rights" facebook page because it used to be about gun rights and represent your values... it might be time to double check what they are posting and how it represents you.

And if you agree with them? You're a fucking idiot too.