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8-Year-Old Killed by Tannerite Explosion


An 8-year-old Oklahoma boy is dead and a 22-year-old is in serious condition due to flying shrapnel from a Tannerite explosion.

According to local media,

Brandon Martin, 22, faces a manslaughter charge after Sheriff Ron Lockhart said he fired a high-powered rifle at an outdoor stove full of the explosive material Tannerite in Liberty, Okla. The stove exploded and critically injured Jonathan Phelan, 8, who was struck by flying shrapnel. That boy died early Monday morning after being taken to a Tulsa hospital by a medical helicopter, Lockhart said.

A separate 22-year-old man also suffered serious injuries and was transported to a hospital in Fort Smith. He remains hospitalized, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

As much fun as Tannerite is, there are risks associated with any explosive and proper safety precautions need to be taken.

We've seen plenty of close calls in Tannerite videos where there wasn't enough distance from the explosive nor was there any form of blast shield in use.

Now there's a child dead from this lack of safety and you can be certain that federal regulations will be discussed.