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Beretta Releases First Striker Fired Pistol [VIDEO]

Glock may have let everyone down at SHOT Show but Beretta is making some big announcements at IDEX 2015, dropping their new striker fired handgun - a first for the company.

The company says the new APX pistol design incorporates the cutting edge of tactical pistol design and they plan to release it with an "aggressive price vs performance ratio".

According to Beretta,

It will be available in 9x19 mm, .40 S&W and 9x21 mm IMI calibres with respective magazine capacities of 17, 15 and 15 rounds.

The design is modular with all of the components used in the different calibre weapons identical apart from the barrel, slide and magazine well. The APX is built around a serialised stainless steel chassis that hosts all the mechanical components. To minimise weight, the chassis is encapsulated in a polymer frame reinforced with fibreglass. Its 108 mm-long barrel is cold-hammer forged and all of its steel parts feature a nitriding surface treatment.

The APX is 192 mm long, 33 mm wide and 142 mm high. With an empty magazine loaded, it weighs 760 g in the 9 mm versions and 780 g in the .40 S&W one. Beretta kept the distance between the barrel axis and the top of the grip to a minimum - just 21 mm - to reduce muzzle climb.

Ergonomics were also a top priority for Beretta. Interchangeable grips and backstraps are available in three sizes to tailor the pistol to the user's hand, while a new type of serration on the slide enables improved and faster cocking. The rear sight can also be used for emergency unconventional cocking.

The trigger has a pull weight of 2.8 kg and has a travel distance of 6 mm, but resets after a pull of less than 3 mm.

The standard sight on the weapon will be a three-dot system that is adjustable for windage, but this will be removable and tritium illuminated sights will be provided as an option. The weapon will have a sight radius of 160 mm.

The APX features an automatic firing pin safety, while trigger safety and ambidextrous thumb safeties are offered as options.


Carlo Ferlito explained that Beretta places paramount importance on performance and wanted to ensure they built a product to meet the operator’s specific needs. “Beretta waited to enter the striker fired market until we had a pistol we knew would meet the needs of the operator. The APX has been more than three years in development. We tested it extensively with professional end users and incorporated that feedback at every opportunity. The result is a pistol platform that delivers superior performance in durability, reliability, accuracy and ergonomics.”

Beretta intends to submit a variant of the APX shown at IDEX to the upcoming US Army Modular Handgun System. “Of course we will continue to develop the APX to take into consideration the final specifications of the MHS as they become known,” stated Gabriele De Plano, Vice President of Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) USA Marketing and Operations.

The APX striker fired pistol has been developed to match military and law enforcement needs but is not just for these customers, Beretta intends to market a variant for the commercial market later this year. This addition to Beretta’s pistol line will further cement the company’s position as one of the world’s leading small arms manufacturers.

So do you want one?