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Glock Releases Single Stack 9mm. Does Anybody Care?


After years of speculation it's been leaked that Glock will be announcing the G43 --- the mythical single stack 9mm handgun at their March 20th press conference.

While the fanboys (and fangirls) will be quick to scream up and down how excited they are, does the G43 bring anything new to the market?

The subcompact concealed carry market has been inundated with very good options in the last few years - from the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield to the Springfield XDS to the Kahr PM9.

The leaked images and specs indicate the G43 will be larger than the G42 and will have a similar 6+1 ammunition capacity.

Glock made a splash 2 years ago with the .380 caliber G42 yet left consumers wanting for the Austrian manufacturer to join the market with its competitors.

Did they wait too long? Is the market so saturated with high quality, reliable subcompact 9mm's that the Glock is an also ran in the category or will the G43 truly be a step up from the other manufacturers designs?


Time will tell. Will you be getting a G43?