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Wisconsin Governor ends gun waiting period

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ended the state's mandatory 2 day waiting period on Wednesday

With his signature, the all-but-certain Republican presidential candidate eliminated the state's 48-hour waiting period

Personally I appreciate the spirit of the mandatory waiting period, but in reality, it makes no sense at all.  If someone already has a gun, there is no mandatory waiting period to get it out of the safe, or drawer, or hoslter if they are intent on hurting someone - be it out of anger or any other emotion.  

What do you think. Is the mandatory waiting period a big deal? What plays a bigger part statistically - someone's ability to buy a gun immediately when they are angry or someone's inability to buy a gun immediately when they need to defend themselves (hint - i care way more about my life than statistics) 

About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.