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Proving Mike's point - CCW issues at the GOP convention

Everyone knows the Democrats are the pro-life party and the Republicans are the pro-gun party, right? I mean, at the GOP Nominating Convention in Tampa right now the party is set to approve the most pro-gun political platform in the history of modern politics. These people truly, truly care about gun rights. It's part of their core beliefs that all citizens have the right to arm and defend themselves. This is Politics 101 and any idiot knows it... er... umm?

So how do we explain the Party, via the Mayor of Tampa, requesting for Governor Rick Scott to ban handguns in the downtown area - regardless of a person's possession of a concealed weapons permit? Remember that politics is all just a game and those "time honored values" are typically espoused only to get votes.

As Mike said, "I am going to tell you a secret - Politicians use gun control to get elected the same way they use abortions. Neither political party gives a damn but both sides know that you do". If you haven't read it yet, take the time to read Mike's whole post:

Posts: News / Proving Mike's point - CCW issues at the GOP convention

Posted By: Michael
08/27/12 08:02 PM

everyone should have guns...except around me.