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Armed customer kills robber

Last night in Jacksonville two criminals picked the wrong store. The two men were armed when they entered the Dollar General. One of the men covered the clerk while the other was at the cash register. I'll let the Jacksonville PD spokesperson take it from here.

"There was a citizen who had a concealed firearms permit that was inside the store as a customer," Lt. Schoonover said. "He fired at the suspect, striking him and killing him."

When officers arrived one thug was dead on the scene and the other was nowhere to be found. These two idiots ended up picking a very bad time to be in the store. Why? “He’s always been a marksman,” the man's wife told “He shoots in competitions”

In the ongoing argument over how well armed citizens handle themselves under stress and body alarm response, there seems to be plenty of people who defend themselves - and others - each and every day. While I applaud the man for taking action, I know that he is dealing with the aftermath of the incident and I wish him the best.