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63 year old stage IV lymphoma patient vs robbers (Michigan

Two punk kids, one of whom knew the homeowner and had been helped out by the homeowner for years, decided to rob 63 year old Dixon Smith of Laketon, Michigan. Dixon is one of the good guys in the community whom many neighbors say has always been there to help people out... he is also a stage IV lymphoma patient.

Shortly after Dixon's wife left for groceries, he saw a man with a hoodie walking by the house. The two jackasses picked the front door with a credit card and then started talking about what to take. Apparently, thinking the house was empty, they did not use their robbers whispering skills so Dixon heard them. And what do you do when you hear robbers in the house?

You do what Dixon did; you grab your shotgun. As the two criminals with no apparent skill for being criminals came up the stairs, they saw Dixon. Actually, I'm betting they saw a really big damn barrel pointing at them. Dixon ordered them to the ground and to lay still.

The police responded quickly and Dixon said, "Kind of a long five to ten minutes, though"