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Store Owner Shoots Armed Robbers (North Carolina)

Teresa Smith and her husband Barry own two convenience stores in Surry County North Carolina. Barry had closed his store at 9:30 and gone over to the other store to help Teresa close up.

As Barry walked into the store two men came up behind him and one of them put a gun in his back. Less than a week earlier the nearby Circle K had been robbed in a similar fashion, much like the ninja robbers here in Florida (also known as EBGC's former neighbors as we found out later).

When the men walked in with the gun drawn on Barry the one customer in the store dove for cover - as Teresa said, “He looked like he was sliding into home".

The men proceeded to take an undisclosed sum of money and, as soon as the gunman took his barrel off of Tom, Teresa opened fire with a .38 revolver behind the counter. While neither criminal was hit, it's likely they won't be coming back anytime soon.

Police have released a description and are asking store owners to immediately notify them of any suspicious activity