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Former Firefighter Kills Robber (Texas)

A 58-year-old retired Houston firefighter was returning to his home around 10pm when two armed men approached him and demanded cash. They told him to take them inside.

Once inside, the two men had the firefighter, his sister, and his teenage niece lay on the ground and began ransacking the house. What they didn't know was that the homeowner was a concealed weapons holder. As the robbers were searching the house, he decided he had to make a move:

"They made us lay down in the dining room. My niece laid on the end, my sister was in the middle and I was on the end. When we were laying there, he was ransacking the bookcase and the dining room, and I figured it was now or never. So when I got my chance, I had to take it"

He drew his weapon and fired, fatally wounding one of the robbers and exchanging gunfire with the other. The second robber got away.

How does the homeowner feel about his actions?

"If I had any regrets, I wouldn't be here talking to you"