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73 year old clerk defends self, store for second time (Michigan)

Apparently it's multiple self-defense day between this and the Lakeland, Florida promoter.

Shortly after 1p.m., a 49-year-old man went into a liquor store. Fred Price was the clerk at Venture Corners, a Deerfield Commons, Michigan liquor / convenience store. Fred refused to sell the man beer because he was "obviously intoxicated".

I'll let Fred tell it from here:

"I told him to get the hell out. He went back on my porch and was sitting there with what I thought was a real gun. I called the police before that to let them know a man in the store had a gun. I pulled my gun."

The drunk was held at gunpoint until police arrived and what was initially thought to be a 9mm turned out to be a BB gun. The man's blood alcohol level was .27.

Of course, Fred is becoming an old hand at this because 3 years ago he had a man try to rob him with a starter pistol. Fred knocked the pistol from that mans hand and chased him out of the store. That time Fred ended up shooting back and hitting the mans rear window and car.