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It's all in the game... pawn shop shooting (Florida)

Just before 1p.m. Tuesday in Miami there was a... oh wait, just a typical day in Miami. Palm trees, a nice ocean breeze, gorgeous women, and a shootout at a pawn shop. That's just how we roll down here in South Florida.

How did it happen? A man went into American Pawn Shop and was walking out suspiciously when the owner and his friend said they needed to pat him down. The found a $50 drill and a gun in his pockets. The owner tells him to get on the ground, he refuses, it turns into a scuffle and... screw it, just watch the video.

Did you like how the owner took the shot while his friend had the man wrapped up? Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. All I know is that if that was my friends taking the shot I'd want to know why they didn't at least get closer.

As Mike and I said the other day, if you run a pawn shop, I'm guessing you're in the game somehow and... well, Omar says it better: