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Man shoots dogs in self defense (Michigan)

Sunday, October 6. Portsmouth Township, Michigan.

Kim Norton, a Portsmouth Township resident came outside to the commotion of two pit bulls trying to enter his chicken coop. Kim screamed at the dogs, swung a stick in their direction, and generally tried to run them off. The dogs retreated briefly and then made a second run for the chicken coop.

Thats when Kim went inside and got his gun.By the time he got back outside, "the black one ran right toward me growling and snarling. I wasn't going to let him get close and I dropped at about 15 yards," said Norton. Then, he said, the second dog decided to attack. "The other one heard the shot, came running at me and I shot that one, too," Norton said.

Both dogs died and their owner is angry. He's created a Facebook page blasting Norton for what he did. But Norton tells TV5 he did not intend on killing the pit bulls.
"I tried to scare them away. If it would've been my intention to begin with, I would've gone and got the gun the first thing," Norton said.

The Facebook page (which makes the dogs seem like martyrs) can be found here: