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Car thief held at gunpoint until police arrive (Missouri)

Robert Eaton, 45, and Mark Meggs decided they needed a new set of wheels. With all the incentives and great financing rates available, most people just go to a dealership to get a new car. Not these idiots.

Meggs and Eaton found a truck they liked and decided it should be their new ride. As they were preparing for a test drive, they were rudely interrupted. It was about this time that the police were called to the scene. When police arrived they found Eaton looking for leaks under the car. Oh wait, he wasn't looking for leaks he was being held at gunpoint by the owner of the truck and the property they were on.

Meggs had escaped but Eaton told police that Meggs was the accomplice.

But wait! It gets better.

Meggs had robbed the same property just a few days before and when police arrested him they were able to recover most of the stolen property.