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64 year old woman shoots home invasion thug (Florida)

That's a picture of Milton Barber Jr., a 26-year-old scumbag who broke into a Lake City, Florida house Sunday night. In typical home invasion fashion, Barber attacked while the resident, 64 year old Jill Stucker, was home. Thankfully, Stucker did not let it end typically.

Around 9:20 Jill was home watching television while piece of crap Barber was breaking in through the bedroom window. Somehow Barber broke the glass and cut himself. Jill heard the glass break, armed herself with her handgun and started to exit through the back door.

As she was leaving the home, the thug chased her out of the home. Jill was screaming for help and as she began running for the road, she stopped, saw Barber chasing her and fired one shot at him - wounding him in the chest.

The punk then fled the scene - over a fence, down the sidewalk, and cllapsed on the doorstep of a man who was applying pressure to the gunshot wound when police arrived. Barber was taken to Shands Hospital where he underwent surgery and is in critical condition.

And, since we know, here's a little background on Barber:
- convicted felon
- registered sex offender
- placed on probation on July 11 of this year for burglary, battery, and sexual assault