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Clerk shoots rifle wielding robber just released from jail (South Carolina)

Yup. The title is factual. As Joe Friday would say, "just the facts".

Fact 1: Lee Tate, 22 years old and pictured above is a criminal.

Fact 2: Lee Tate was released from jail at 5:46p.m. on Monday.

Fact 3: Cherokee Country Sheriff said of Tate, ""He's been in here (the jail) about 12 times over the past few years, the only time he didn't visit was 2011, and that's probably because he was in prison somewhere."

Fact 4: Two men walked into Bargain Shop on Cherokee Avenue in Gaffney, South Carolina around 8:30 Monday night. One man was armed with a handgun, the other was armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

How did it all play out?

Well, the two men entered the store and the thug armed with the rifle stayed at the front door as a lookout. The other man, armed with a handgun, approached the clerk and demanded the money bag. The clerk grabbed his handgun and opened fire causing the robbers to haul ass out of there.

An hour later the police found that one of the robbers had been shot twice and identified him as Lee Tate (they know him well). Tate was taken to the hospital, treated and released into custody where he was charged with armed robbery.

What's the over under on his bail amount?